Eco design of POS displays for sélective perfumery Common Operational Recommandations Guide November 2019

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Responsabilité Sociale et Environnementale (RSE)

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Recommandation conjointe ECR

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At the request of brands and and retailers that have been meeting for several years within the Working Group Perfumery Selective the early focus of work was given to the eco-design of POS in September 2018. The participants quickly hoped that the work would take a very operational turn with the drafting of common operational recommendations intended to raise the competence of their entire sector. To speed up the work the brands and retailers wished that the manufacturers of POS join the work.

This Eco-Design Guide has been the subject of one year of work to arrive at operational recommendations common to brands, retailers and POS manufacturers. This Eco-Design Guide has been actively supported by FEBEA and POPAI.

The french version was the original one. A downloadable version is available here

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