ECR Circular Economy Webinar Series

Given the work being done as part of the EU Circular Economy Package, the resource & waste management crisis, and the deep transformation of consumer expectations and behaviours, the Retail and Consumer Goods sector needs to rapidly reinvent the way consumer products are sold.

To support the ECR Community members in addressing these challenges, the ECR Circular Economy Group are delighted to announce a series of thematic webinars aimed at increasing general awareness and knowledge around the circular economy in the Retail and Consumer Goods Sector.

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Tuesday December 3 2019 at 2pm CET

What impact the EU Circular Economy Package will have on retailers and manufacturers and how they can transition?

In the first of our circular economy series webinars, both Eurocommerce and AIM European Brands Association will discuss the EU Circular Economy Package and specifically look at how this is driving change with both retailers and manufacturers. Register now to learn more about how this will affect your business.

  • Emilie Chalvignac, Director of Operations at Institut du Commerce (ECR France)
  • Isabelle Maurizi, Environment & Sustainability Lead atEurocommerce
  • Eva Schneider, Sustainability & Communications Manager atAIM European Brands Association



Tuesday January 14 2020 at 2pm CET

How retailers and manufacturers can address consumer demand through circular economy projects ?

This webinar will feature an overview of the new Kantar report on the consumer response to plastic waste and we will also hear about the Loop project's supply chain with Petrel

  • Teresa Mischek-Moritz, Manager atECR Austria

  • Natalie Babbage, Director atKantar

  • Hugues Pelletier, Founder & CEO at Petrel Circular e-commerce (Loop)



Tuesday February 4 2020 at 2pm CET

Circular Economy Case Studies for the Retail & Consumer Goods Sector

In this webinar the Consumer Goods Forum will give an overview of the global circular economy initiatives that businesses are involved in and we will also hear from both a retailer and manufacturer who have completed circular economy projects in their business.

  • Silvia Scalia, ECR Director atECR Italia

  • Ignacio Gavilan, Environmental Sustainability Director atConsumer Goods Forum

  • Case study from Italy on their EcoNatural system byTommaso di Luca, Communications Manager atLucart 

  • Géraldine Poivert, Founder of RE(SET)